Rainforest Crossword Puzzle (clues print on second page)



3. Cross at your own risk!
5. What some plants might contain
8. Striped Asian jungle cat
11. Connects forest floor to canopy
13. Noisy monkey
14. Stinging arachnid
18. Grown on rainforest mountains
19. Orchid flavor
21. Rainforest wood
23. Alligator's South American cousin
25. Forest viper
26. Where monkeys live
1. What a Komodo Dragon is
2. Beautiful rainforest flower
4. Top layer
6. New Guinea tribe
7. Buttressed
9. Sweet product
10. Biggest lizard
12. Air Plant
15. Like small jaguar
16. Ground layer
17. Bark flavor
20. Rainforest tree
22. Largest South American snake
24. Longest Rainforest snake
26. Pepsi flavor


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